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New Grant Opportunities for You

The School Funding Center is on a constant search for new grant opportunities for schools. Here are some of the latest opportunities we've found. Click the grant titles for more details on each school grant (you must be a logged in subscriber). View grants with approaching proposal deadlines.
Grant NameFunded ByAdded/Updated
Youth Advisory Council (YAC) GrantsCommunity Foundation of St. Clair County10/16/2018
Education GrantsLuella Kemper Trust10/16/2018
CMC North Mini GrantsCalifornia Mathematics Council (CMC)10/16/2018
Foundation GrantsWaco Foundation10/16/2018
Education GrantsMinnie M. Jones Trust10/16/2018
Straits Area Youth Advisory Council (YAC) GrantsCommunity Foundation for Northeast Michigan10/16/2018
ICCF Youth Advisory Council (YAC) GrantCommunity Foundation for Northeast Michigan10/16/2018
Education GrantsFoundation for Roanoke Valley10/15/2018
Education GrantsRobert C. Hoffman Charitable Endowment Trust10/15/2018
Community Impact GrantsCommunity Foundation for Northeast Michigan10/15/2018
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